Social media

I seem to be failing at make sure I update this. It seems that Tumblr is attempting to lure me in with its luxurious ways of beautiful images and wonderfulness. I do like pictures of course. lol But I will make an attempt at merging my two semi-blogs together.

I’m slowly realizing how much my presence on the net is everywhere. I facebook for the friends, I tweet to talk to the universe, I manage my professional network on Linkedin, I blog for my personal satisfaction, I tumblr for the fun and small joys of my interest, I’m on google+ to broaden my horizons even more, I whatsapp to text my friends globally, and I skype with my family. Thats about 8 apps right there. :/ And lets not forget my 4 email addresses that I manage. But is this enough?

Image credit aibrean

Social media is clearly making a headway into out society and changing the way we interact and see the world. No longer are we just defined to our geographical limitations. I realized this when I was on google earth roaming about in Hawaii. If I really wanted to, I could spend my vacation through the internet. But has this made life easy? I’m still on a limited number of social sites compared to my fellow peers. From 4squared to hi5, I’ve attempted to avoid them for fear of over-digitalization of my self. As I was updating my google+ ‘about’ page, I realized how many sites I was linking to. Were they necessary? Is it mandatory? Does the world need to see me interacting on so many platforms? I guess maybe. With people my age, having the same qualifications, going into the same field of work, what sets us apart? Could it be that someone blogs? While the other 4Squares, makes youtube videos and tweets? I guess the future will tell me.


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