Twos a company

Having friends on campus, and more importantly that live in the same complex as I do, i think made the biggest difference ever! I can honestly say, the reason why I don’t get depressed so often, or lonely is cause I have my friend right there to call up to play pool and give the people we don’t like funny names, watch youtube videos late at night as we drink up some Schweeps, and watch TV in the common room. When shes gone on the weekend, its so BORING! If thats just the weekend, I can only imagine what it must be like if she didn’t live in this complex. Dang son. Thank you friend!!!

Friends definitely make the difference when your living away from home. She was over when I made my very first aloo tikkie, and she photo documented it! It reminds me of my other friend, who lives on another residence complex, farther from the one I’m in. My other two friends are there, but they don’t meet up as often. She gets sooo homesick, and we have told her that you know, you guys should meet up to chill, because it makes a difference. Being stuck in your 4 walls, of plainly coloured room can get really depressing. Having a friend can make it much more lively and change the whole experience.


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