One of those nights

Its one of those nights. The nights that make you feel blah, when your eyes are just being tired, and nothing seems to be in tune. The nights where studying is far from the agenda, and sitting in bed, while watching Gossip Girl episodes and a movie seem more appealing. Today is one of those nights. Although I got my 7 hours of sleep in last night, i woke up feeling mad tired and eyes were ready for some ice cool-ness. Although food brought my energy back, I gotta say the 3 hour study run I had felt amazing! I love it when I get work done in a continuous fashion. But I credit my afternoon/evening class of 4pm to my sudden energy crash. It was horrible. All of a sudden, I was dead, and didn’t want to do anything except fling myself onto the coach and lie there as the TV droned on and on about mindless issues. Although my friend is appalled at my decision to watch a movie tonight, I can’t help it. With the lights out and corner lamp on, a movie feels so right. Not exactly feeling the junk food though, it might be the reason behind my sudden breakouts (unless that’s stress catching up) and overall lack of energy. I did stuff my face with a bit of raspberry swirl cake. Yummm…. lol Thank gosh I Β had some left overs from yesterday to eat for dinner. Dinner making would not have gone down well today 😦 anywhos, times for a movie πŸ™‚


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