Son décembre

Only another 16 days to go! I guess it really is december, with my blog snowing and all 😉 There’s no snow in Leicester, but Facebook and twitter have been notifying me how its snowing back home. *lesigh I missed the first snowfall. I like the first snowfall, its so magical. So far, its mildly cold, which I don’t mind.

It seems that keeping a calendar/timetable marking for myself is really working in motivating me to stay on top of my work. I finished up one of my assignments for one class, and soon i’ll be onto the next one 🙂 I like it when I follow my plan 🙂 It means that I’m not spending my time watching Gilmore Girls online or that random Indian drama that I use to watch on Youtube. It seems that I remember to drink warm milk at night to make up for my bad eating habits. (hey, milk is the shizz! no matter what people keep telling me, imma drink it up!) My break today was going out to shop and find gifts. Which works wayyy better than me sitting on my computer which would have happened. That also would have meant no work getting done. So hurray 🙂 Now that I completed one assignment, I won’t feel so bad if I went out shopping again toward 🙂 woohoo~

I can’t believe that two months have already passed! It seems like yesterday that it was October, and it was my first time in this city, getting settled in and trying to figure out my new campus. The friends that I made in that first week, unknowingly have become so close now. Maybe because we live together in the same complex, that these friends have become good friends, with whom my lame jokes and awkward self is at ease.


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