Cold and Veggies

OMG this is my 300th post! Love and thanks to the people who read this blog!

Having a cold SUCKS! I feel weak, no energy, I get nothing done and I don’t eat. But it seems that after a peer-pressured run in this morning by my friends to take a pain-killer, I seem to get getting back to my usual hustle. It seems I caught a cold, which was enough to freak out le mother, but then again, that is what mothers do. lol Now that my energy level is back, or getting there, I cleaned out my humidifier and put in fresh water. Now my room feels fresh and lavender 🙂 A sign of feel goodness. My room is cleaned up, I have juice and milk in the fridge, and cherries by my side. It seems that my fruit intake has taken a hit since I’ve come to Leicester. Usually le mother makes sure I get my fruits in, but I’m slowly trying. That is why i drink so much juice! I had an eggplant in my fridge for over a week now, and I got it before I caught a cold and decided to eat nothing.

So now with my energy coming back, I really wanted to grill it somehow. Wasn’t really feeling the pasta gig, so I figured roast veggies would be a great dinner idea. Before you jump and say, only roast veggies, I had some cheese ciabatta before hand, so I wasn’t 100% hungry. more like 50%-ish lol Mind you, this was just what I found in my fridge, that I had lying around and I wanted to use as much stuff together as I could.

Picture to lure u in. Not the best quality, but then again, I was taking it with my webcam 😉

To make said wonderful roast veggies, which had the kitchen smelling de-lious! I used:

  • red pepper
  • zucchini slice
  • carrots
  • eggplant
  • potato
  • onion
  • To favour it up, I drizzled olive oil, put a clove of garlic in there, and sprinkled salt and pepper. I had this herb mix of basil, tomato and fennel, that I sprinkled on top as well. You could add other things that you liked. 🙂

As for cutting these veggies up, I went bit size, but I found that i should cut up the potatoes more. Big ones didn’t work for me. I had the oven on at 200 and I left it in there for about 45 minutes. I found that I didn’t even need any sauce on the side, but you can if you like. My tray is really small, so I made enough for just me, but you can add more to make it for more people. I am SO getting more aluminium trays for this kind of quick fix! I really just used what was in my pantry! If I didn’t have the herb mix, I would just done it with the salt and pepper. A real quickie fix!


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