23 before 23

My friend did a post on 23 before 23. Basically goals set for your next birthday. I was inspired so here I am. Although I’ll be 23 in July, I’ll extend the finish date till December like a new years resolution. 7 months might not be enough time to complete my 23 goals but you never know right?

  1. Post more regularly. I’ve been bad this year so far with not enough posts, but if it’s exam time, not my fault 😛
  2. Go back to painting/drawing, art in general
  3. Go through your iTunes & organise the songs by the number of times played. Then listen to the songs you’ve never played before.
  4. Dye my hair (temporarily if anything) to surprise my family
  5. Finish the books I already started
  6. Finish decorating my room
  7. Stitch something
  8. Get rid of stuff I don’t need anymore
  9. Explore a place in Toronto I’ve never been before
  10. Make photo slide shows with music and everything
  11. Write yourself a recipe for a perfect day, & then make it happen.
  12. Improve my swimming
  13. Load up one of your favourite music videos on Youtube & then try to learn the choreography.
  14. Decorate my room
  15. Be more light-hearted this year
  16. Visit at least 2 galleries this year
  17. Become more competent at cooking Indian food
  18. Go someplace I have never been before
  19. Do Yoga for a month
  20. Start a scrapbook for England
  21. Spend time in a used bookstore.
  22. Do a road trip/day trip
  23. Read a book a month

Man, this list was hard! Let’s see how I do this year!


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