I guess this is going to turn into a rant because at this point I’m just confused and fed up. It all started with the Ball that’s going to happen in Feb. Originally, my group of friends were like ‘oh yeah, it’ll be really fun, let’s all go!’ So obviously, I get all excited about ‘yay, there’s going to be a party and it’ll be formal and really fun!’ And we were discussing what kind of dresses we would like to wear and all. This is all in December by the way, so before I went back for my Christmas break. Some of my friends were saying how they wanted to wear full length gowns because it was going to be a ball and all. With that in mind, when I got back home, if I looked at dresses, it would be the floor length one. Cocktail dresses I have, no issue there. Floor length dresses are something I don’t have because a) I have no need to invest in long dresses because they will not get wore, b) most parties I go to are Indian, which means I will be wearing something desi, no questions asked. My dress choices end up being a salwar, sari or churridaar-type outfit. No gowns here. c) if I do collect dresses, its cocktail dresses because they get wore. Like when I go out with my friends or whatever. Anyways, I come back in Jan for my exams and I brought a fancy cocktail dress that I hadn’t wore yet and figured if anything I’ll wear this. I had everything to make an outfit out of that. I had the right heels, accessories and all that jazz. Post-exam, we all start talking about the Ball again. A few of my buddies are not going because they don’t see the point of going to the Ball this year. The reason why I was also keen on going this year was because I wanted to help plan it next year. I figured the first year I can try it out and enjoy it with my friends. Turns out one doesn’t wanna go, the other doesn’t like to socialize, the other is being iffy about going and the other 3 are fine about it. After all this, we go out shopping and the girls are looking at gowns. So it can be inferred that yeah, a plan to go is in the works to go. That weekend is when my other Canadian friend and I went to Birmingham for shopping and a general outing. With the girls shopping in mind, I look around and see if I can find a gown to my liking. I don’t need one, but if I found one that I liked, I wouldn’t mind it. And I do find a dress. Its wonderful, pricey, but most things I like are. I’m felt somewhat undecided but I don’t know why, I just felt ‘ok, just get it.’ The rest of the day, I felt guilty for getting it because we hadn’t even purchased our tickets, the theme wasn’t released and the whole group still hadn’t reached a proper consensus. When the theme gets released, we find out its Arabian Nights, so my friends are all the most are against the idea of going. The ticket price gets released, and all of the sudden, no one wants to go! All this while, I feel like an idiot because here I was, already with a dress, (I could return it but all I would get is, is a store credit and its a boutique devoted to formal wear, I wouldn’t be able to find anything proper to replace it), a new pair of shoes, that I had already got when no one wants to go anymore. I have no reached a point where I just feel like saying, you know what, screw the ball! This is just annoying and frustrating. It’s like my mind went blank and for some reason I though it was confirmed, that we all were going to go. I don’ even know why I bothered getting a new dress, since I brought a dress with me, especially so I could wear it to the ball. Afterwards I realized one couldn’t very well wear a cocktail dress to a ball, could you know? Well whatever, I have no idea where I’m going to wear to this dress again. I would have wore it to my friends wedding in the summer, but my dress has white in it. So that idea is out of the window. I guess I’ll join some fancy society so I can wear it, OR one day, I’ll just doll myself up, wear the dress and party it up in my room, by myself.


3 thoughts on “Rant?

  1. Oh man, that sucks 😦 This kind of stuff has happened to me so many time, I can’t even count. And the worst part is that you can’t blame your friends otherwise you end up feeling frivolous.
    The biggest thing I dislike about group planning is flakiness. If people are uncertain about going, then they should let everyone know that they may not go. People don’t make commitments anymore or stick to them. It’s frustrating for people like me who need and like to plan stuff.
    Maybe you can wear the dress next year at the other ball? It won’t be as fun to go shopping for your own. Arabian nights sounds like a fun theme- I mean, I’d probably go in any case.


    1. Thats the thing. plus I’m in a program where I can’t even pretend to be lost, like i seem them everyday! its like high school all over again except my high school friends never pulled stuff like this. That’s what i figure, wear it somewhere else, but like there’s not many ‘English’ formals that I go to. :/ Yeah, my one friend for sure is going, so I figure why not. I mean, I have the dress, the shoes, so why spoil it for myself, right? *lesigh


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