I did it again!

I did it again. I started a new Indian drama to watch, iss pyar ko kya naam doon. I started last friday, when I was bored and my homework wasn’t too much. Although I decided to start watching the show from December, curiosity tickled me and I decided to start the show from the beginning, aka JUNE! AHAHA yes! In a matter of three days, I covered about 3 months, forwarding the boring bits helped 😉 This whole week helped in catching up to the recent episodes. Now I’m all caught up, and I’m fangirling! I love fangirling. It’s almost like an exercise on its own. Plus, it’s like I zone out of my life and jump right into the world of the show. No longer am I aware of whats going around me, whats going on in my life, the stress that I may be facing, nothing. It’s all about the story of these two individuals that hate each other and will fall in love. 😉 cheesy, but sometimes a movie doesn’t cut it. My tumblr has been spent on finding gifs and all that jazz! I end up smiling endlessly and it just makes me happy. But now i’m all caught up. So back to reality I go. 😦 Back to studying, catching up on my errands, and being single again this valentines day. But it’s cool, I’ll probably re watch some of the good episodes again hehe 🙂 OK i’m too addicted to this show! I still have so many errands to run! ayiahhhhh @_@


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