I *heart* days when I make the effort to not stay in my flat and go out and explore. Even if that means going to a city that I’ve been before. All I need is an excuse and a partner in crime. Today was just one of those days. A friend of mine from Toronto is studying in Hertfordshire, and often visits Birmingham. It was her birthday this week, so we figured why not meet up? Would make it less sad that her first birthday was away from home. Today couldn’t have been any better! The weather is glorious, abet bit windy. It all added to the bollywood-ness to it hehe

The two times that I have visited B-ham, I was in the Bullring Shopping Centre. This time I ventured out and got to see this cool building! SO cool! As you can tell architecture makes my heart feel a bit happier! lol I blame it on the High school-Uni days of learning ancient history and art. A topic that I don’t think I can ever tire off. It’s too close to the heart ❤

As we explored the city, we came across canels! Which were super duper cool! It adds that je ne sais quoi to the city. =) There are cafes all along the canel, which make it the prefect spot to grab a good book and tea, or meet up with a friend to catch up on. Definitely makes you feel like your in Europe.

I need more days like this. ❤


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