A Thursday Night with dubstep

It’s just another Thursday night. A night of working through my coursework, as I ponder why I don’t have a lamp set up so I can work better. I feel that the atmosphere in which you work in had great effect on one’s productivity and thinking processes. Maybe this is why I work well at night, when its dark outside with just the streetlights lighting up the landscape, and the light of my lamp to keep me going. As much as I’d like to bring that same atmosphere in my room here, no can do ’cause no lamp. So stuck with the room light which isn’t that great since I’m hunched over my books -_- fail indeed.

On another note, I find it amusing when my friends realize that I do like something that they have never considered I would like. lol The most recent addition is Dubstep. A friend of mine knew I liked a bit of Indie and Alternative but I guess most of my musical references are to more mainstream, it didn’t occur to her when I asked for some suggestions for it. I guess its kind of amusing when you become the unexpected lol I feel that there is music for every emotion, so why be restricted to one style. Music for every occasion, for every moment, feeling and though. Music has become more than just lyrics and the traditional forms of beats and melodies. Not bad as long as your chillin


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