“Slowly slowly O mind, everything in own pace happens

Gardener may water a hundred buckets, fruit arrives only in its season”

~ Kabir

It’s turning into a night of looking up Kabir and Rumi quotes. It’s amazing how easily faith gets renewed again and again when you read simple phrases. There is no need to rush into things since everything will happen in due time. It all gets taken care of. You just have to have faith in yourself and believe that you can do it.

I guess with the ever changing winds of life, we get caught up in the getting everything done now. Getting access to it now. Facebook is in my face about what everyone id doing. Twitter is even faster with global movements. Tumblr is a never-ending movement of information, whether you need it or not. Frustration is the obvious result. Why isn’t this getting done. Why am I not on track. I can relate. I was so frustrated once I graduated, ’cause my peers were on their way into their life. They were flying off, while I was waiting for my ticket. But, clearly, worrying about it had no use. It due time, I found my place. I found my road, my ticket to my destination. Sure, I sometimes wonder, why am I making a stop here and there. But it’s all part of the process isn’t it? In these moments, we forget to take a breather. To stop. To look. To observe where we are. To enjoy the moment, ’cause its all part of the process.

I tried being a gardener over the summer once. Didn’t work out well ’cause I lacked patience. I didn’t have the patience to tend to the needs of each plant. I just wanted to water it right away and get the results in 5 minutes. I guess this is an ongoing goal. In due time, I’ll eventually fix my sleeping cycle which has its own mind lol In due time, I’ll stop watering the hundred buckets and wait.


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