Watched Rockstar and found it to be surprising. Didn’t like the lead actress as much, for some reason I thought that Kareena Kapoor could have done the role better. But that would be kind of awkward, being the love interest to your cousin’s character lol Ranbir Kapoor def shined in the movie! With the right roles, he really shines through with his edge. Loved this song from the movie! Am I an emo in the making? Who knows lol I kinda want to put up the movie poster in my room lol

My food goals this week is to soo work in more rice and lentils. I need my protein back ;_; Plus I seem to be getting into trouble with my cousins over this lol >< But thats not a major issue, ’cause I’m going home soon!!!! Why I get a 5 week break for Easter is beyond me, but hey, that just means I’m gonna snuggle up to mommy and she’ll make me yummy food! *dreamland*


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