Some never grow up

I guess ranting is what I’ve done a lot lately. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve made a mistake in picking the people I hang out with and how we chill. Maybe I’m being too sensitive and taking things too far than they need to be.

Adults. Do they ever grow up? I wonder whether their minds are always stuck in some hole where they never grow up? This isn’t some high school group where the everyone is trying to get at each other. *lesigh. First it was someone telling me that I have become strangers with them. Um, hello, why? If you wanted to pursue our friendship further then why not make an effort? Why are you waiting for me to tell you? Like, omg, grow up! When I want to get in touch, I make the effort. I don’t sit around and wait for them. Second, was when I mentioned something in passing to a family friend, turns out it gets passed around to be said to us in a negative way in my view. Like, I thought this was just a causal conversation and I can be myself. I guess I should be more diplomatic in my conversations with everyone then. No more personal antidotes and honest answers. ‘Cause of course I’m talking to back-stabbing leeches of humans that have nothing better going on that they eye others and poke at them. I really don’t like, nor have the patience to deal with it. I guess this is part of growing up, you start to deal with people that like being in your business and having nothing better to do.

And then, there are my friends here. It seems that they cause nothing but endless drama and issues that make me wonder if I was better off not making friends  or getting that close to them. I don’t know where I fit. With the smart ambitious Canadians? Or the party drinking all day people? or the British students that already have their own thing going on. I guess it would be better if I stuck to Canadian students ’cause then they would be friends-colleges in the future. Maybe, this is all the drama that was supposed to happen in the high school that never happened. All the snide remarks that didn’t get played around.

This is going to be one interesting summer.


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