Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, what can I say about Edinburgh. You were amazing! Last weekend, I had the Friday off and I finally motivated myself to go on a trip, somewhere. Last year I did not travel as much as I would have liked because I was not confident in myself in travelling alone and experiencing new places. Felt that having somebody with me would be safer and just a more pleasant experience. But last weekend, with all my friends bailing on me and no one from home to come with me. I did it. I booked my train tickets and my hotel and just did it. I felt it was about time and I was tired of waiting for others to come around and travel with me. On the way, I learned quite a bit of things about myself, so it turned out to be quite a soul-searching trip itself 🙂

Fresh off the Train Station and onto the streets of Edinburgh

Left on the Friday morning, and off I was on my adventure. Until I found out that there were was flooding and I would have to take multiple trains to get up to Scotland. Luckily, I found a couple who were also travelling there and so I kinda, just, latched on 😉 They knew the way and I tagged along. I must say, seeing the British countryside is best seen on the train, unless your driving I guess. Having finally made it after 5.5 hour journey, I made it to Edinburgh.

11302012(007)At first glance, it can be an overwhelming city. The structures overpower you and the feel of a European/Medieval city sets in. Figuring out how to get to the main road was a bit tricky but once you were on it, man. Something about the hustle and bustle of a city, it feels like you are in the veins going around its heart. The guesthouse I was staying at was 1.2 miles from the station, so you can imagine how tiring that must have been when the night sets in. Shoutouts must be made to my google map app! Without it, I would have been lost and confused and probably fumbling with my paper maps! Turns out the guesthouse is well out of the city centre area and into residential area. The amenities nearby were a Christmas tree sale, a security shop and an Indian restaurant. Can you guess what I had for dinner? lol

Next day I started with much optimism and excitement. It had rained the night before, so the day was clear and sunny, with just a pleasant cold in the air. I started off by hiking up Arthur’s seat. Let’s just say it was divine. I was listening to some Hymns and just feeling good about hiking up that hill and taking pictures lol At the peak, such an amazing view! You could see the port of Leith, the castle, the parliament, the palace, university, everything! Including the snowy mountains on the other side of the country and the Kingdom of Fife.

Climbing Arthur’s Seat

After my wonderful Hike, I walked around the park, towards Holyrood Place, which is the summer residence of the Queen and the Scottish Parliament. It was nice, but Queen Victoria’s taste in tapestries is grand-ma old bore 😛 loll By lunchtime, I decided to walk about and have lunch at the circus bistro. Why oh why. I basically had hipster soup and tea :/ Oh wells LOL Oh my agenda next was Edinburgh Castle, which was nice. Its cool to know that it also functions as a military base 🙂 The best part here was that I experienced afternoon tea for the first time. 🙂 Tea, sandwiches and scones, oh my! BEST scones EVER! ohemgeeee lol

By now evening had set and I decided to wander about Princess Street, which is where all the main shopping. Didn’t feel like getting much since the shops were the same as the ones in Leicester. The winter carnival was set up which was nice and so was the German Market 🙂

Next day, I was wayy too tired. Didn’t sleep well at all, and I felt like all the walking had done me good and now my body just wanted to lay somewhere, lol but alas, one must keep moving. I started the day off by visiting the National Museum of Scotland, and then the National Galleries of Scotland. By noon, I was ready to be on a train home. But my train ticket was for 5pm 😦 I desperately tired to change it but the change fee was wayy too much. So 4 more hours of Edinburgh awaited me. They were filled galleries for sure lol After waffling around at the ‘mall’ I decided enough is enough, time to hit the gallery on the other side of the bridge and have some tea. Tea and hummingbird did me good at the FruitMarket Gallery cafe.

Afterwards I wandered about looking at contemporary art, I wander to the gallery across the street to City Art Centre. lolll best part, both were free 😀 I love free admission ahaha They had a cool exhibition on John Clerk who is pretty amazing at etching I must say. By now, my exhaustion from yday was seeping in + lack of sleep + 7.30am wake up + walking around with my stuff = I was ready to be on a train home! Moment finally arrived and got home at 11pm and stuff eating instant noodles because the subway was closed.

Stuff to remember for next time: always get an open return ticket LOL and I heart google maps lolll

All in all, I’m so glad I went!



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