A May Night

It has been a while since my last post! Gosh, so much as happened, especially in the travel department. During Easter Break, my mom and I did a Europe trip, which I have to say, was SUPER memorable. But details of that trip will have to wait, I still have yet to go through all the pictures and I have exams looming. 😦 We did almost 17 days of full travelling. It was like backpacking but with carry-on luggage? lol

After the Europe trip, it was back home in Canada for 3 weeks. A bit too short, but it was enough to get me going for the last month I have left in England. So, I’m back in good ol’ England studying away for my finals.

It’s kinda weird when I think about how my academic journey has come about. I feel more relaxed this time around and I have enjoyed my second year far more than my first year of study. I don’t know if I have adapted to the English teaching style or I am more engaged in the material but hopefully, it’s working for me. It probably has to do with the recent changes I have made in my routine since coming back in late April.

  1. I have started going to the gym more constantly. I’m not usually a gym-person, but when I do go consistently I def see the benefits and I guess that’s helping keep my stress level down. Although my dedication to meet my 300-cal-gym goal is way more motivated than my study time which worries me :/ but I try to look at it positivity. If I can burn them, I can stare at my textbooks and something will go in!
  2. I drink way more tea then necessary. I am a full-on herbal tea junkie right now. I’m pretty sure I had almost 6 glasses of peppermint tea this week….so now its all gone 😦 but no fear! I got Jasmine Green Tea, which is way more zen-like, if that makes? I do have black tea around, which is great for the quick boast but herbal tea helps me in maintaining my calm.
  3. I am eating healthy. 🙂 Being a vegetarian kinda guarantees that, but it’s still nice to know that I’m eating feel-good food that’s not too heavy on my system and helps me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After 10 days of proper eating, I ended up getting a bag full of junk food 😦 I guess my body decided too much of a health bing isn’t right 😛 so 2 raspberry donuts later, I’m here -_-
  4. Trying to maintain a positive mind space. This idea was heavily inspired by the movie Silver Lining Playbook. I saw it on my flight back to Canada and I don’t know, it just got to me that I really should aim for more positivity.

So far, that’s all for now 🙂 Hope the sun is shining where-ever you guys are.


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