Join me for tea?

Have tea with me? The sun still has some moments left

Ever just sit in front of the window and watch the sunset as you sip some tea?

It has to be the most peaceful part of my day. This has become a part of my routine now that I go to the gym in the evenings and return before sunset. The feeling of sipping some yummy Jasmine Green Tea, as I meditate and watch the sunset makes me feel so thankful for everything.

It’s funny how when I’m back home I can’t even be bothered to make the effort. I guess my desk being right in front of the window, AND facing the west when the sun goes down smack in the middle kinda forces you to check it out lol Sadly, no sun rises for me since the east is on the other side. Works out well for me considering I prefer to sleep late and stay up late. Should probably change the habit with exams next week! I can’t believe exams are approaching so fast! Almost feels like this semester had just begun….well, maybe not almost lol


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