Motivating yourself daily

Recently I have found myself having 1 productive day followed by a totally wasteful day of watching Glee and eating donuts. This is clearly a problem considering I have exams next week and they all count for 100% of marks. I wonder why my body feels the need to shut down like this when I fully know that I can keep going and do more work. But, instead, I find I need that extra few minutes before waking up and the next thing I know it’s 11 in the afternoon and my morning is all gone.

I wonder why I expect my motivation to continue onto the next day, when really, I need to kick start it to get my gears going. After all, don’t we listen to upbeat positive music to get our day starting off right in the mornings? Or go to the gym regularly because 1 intense-gym session will not last the whole week. We must keep going to get our minds going and refreshing our bodies.

My mind is clearly troubled and it’s not surprise, I have finals next week. I am constantly wondering if I don’t mean to if: I will get good grades or not? Am I working hard enough? Failure is not an option! I wonder if I am eating right? Am I maintaining a healthy routine? Am I sleeping enough? What if I don’t fix my sleeping routine on time and I can’t wake up on the morning of my exam? These anxieties, I wonder if they tire out my body without realizing it and the next thing I know, I am in a negative state of mind, so far from my focus and diverting my concentration and attention away from my studies. Clearly I need to start implementing some rules to make my mind and body remain in a positive state of mine and  help with my studying.

  1.  Wake up with a good meal. This is so crucial! I know when I wake up and start on my computer, I will spend like 20 minutes just waking myself up and checking up on the ‘net. Best to do this with a yummy smoothie in hand, no? Add a banana and you might even get close to eating 5 fruits a day.


  2.  Positive music or no music. Lately, I have started to listen to a simple hymn which gets me in a feel-good mood. Being in a positive state of mind has really helped me in maintaining my focus and concentration. Plus, the soft beats help in me in memorizing my notes as such. But sometimes, music can be super distracting. When I get hard-core into my studying, music actually starts to distract me.


  3.  Healthy snacks. Gotta feed the body and as tempting as it is eating chocolates the whole time, when I see zits on my face I don’t feel so pleasant.


  4.  Remind yourself that you can do it! When I feel like I am getting overwhelmed, I remind myself that I have reached this state for a reason and with some form of capabilities. However, small I think they may be. If I get through that first year UofT second-year-level roman history course, I can get through this! (seriously, that Roman History course was the worst feeling ever!)


  5. Post-Exam Rewards. I already have a list of stuff I cannot wait to get started once my exams are over! Although I may be spending more time day-dreaming about that, but I try to get that to keep me going. To know that I’ll get to watch the third season of Game of Thrones when I finish exams and head home, feels so great! I’m super excited! My summer list has already started and I cannot wait to get started on all the fun stuff!

Gotta keep at it right!


2 thoughts on “Motivating yourself daily

  1. Great article. I recently just posted something about Monday Mornings and how our minds need to refreshed every once in awhile. Your tips are great and definitely a good way to start the day. Best of luck on all your exams.


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