Moment of reflection

Ever sit there and think, ‘OMG I did not do enough today! I was suppose to cover 12 chapters, take out the trash, make dinner, do a 45 minute workout AND skype/video-chat my mom to tell her I am eating something.‘?

Taking a moment out of your day to reflect is something I know I find hard to do. After all, between exams, eating right, going to the gym, texting your friends about eating too many sandwiches and the season finale of the Mindy Project as you download the music from Spirited Away can seem insignificant and miniscule. But I urge to do so anyway. Find that space where you can just have your ‘me time’. I’m not saying have a full on pamper fest (unless you want to) but just reflect. It makes a great difference on your overall positive outlook.

    1. Start by making the nice cup of tea. Or coffee. Or hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course!) Whatever your preferred drink of choice to help you relax from your day.
    2. Grab that tasty cookie! or apple? Whatever sends you in happy space.
    3. Play some calming music. Gotta get in the mood.
    4. List what did you get done today. I prefer to start this way rather than jot down my daily goals first. I find that I end up being pleasantly surprised when I realize I did more ‘than make 3 cups of tea today! I’m not a total lost cause.’ Then making/comparing with my daily goals list, I feel like I have checked off most, if not, all my goals and then some. Puts a smile on your face right away.

Just by working backwards, you really can’t set yourself up to lose.


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