Last of England?

As I try to plan one last trip in England, I wonder, have I seen all that I wanted to see on this little Island of tea, Queen and double-decker buses?

Yea, my natural tendency after my last exam is to fly home, and this time I followed from habit. Little did I realize that this would be my last time flying home from my place of study. Looking back, I remember I made such a long list of places I wanted to see and I guess I kinda did see them. I saw:

  • London. The capital and all the major sites there. Used the London Tube (inner Geographer rejoice)
  • Birmingham. The industrial city and its German Christmas market.
  • Nottingham. Robin Hood’s Hood yo.
  • Derby. The Sikh history museum was so cool.
  • Stonehenge. Pillars of rocks never looked better.
  • Bath. Don’t know what was there, but it was nice.
  • Edinburgh. Still on the Island, so that counts right?
  • Manchester? Only saw it passing by on the train but got enough of a feel for it
  • Coventry. A typical-average city of England.
  • York? Waited there for my connecting train. It’s suppose to be a really nice medieval town.
  • Southall. The central of all South Asian culture. Visiting the main Gurdwara there was nice.

I wonder if I should tell myself that no matter how much travelling I attempt, I can never see all of England and what it has to offer, unless I live here forever. I just need to touch it and feel it, then put it back on the shelf ’cause I’m not ready to bring it home? Following this principle, you can see the rest of the world, can’t u? Like a true geographer, just look but don’t touch.

At the moment, deciding between doing day trips to Oxford and maybe the Sikh Royal History Museum  or go on a 2 day trip to Cardiff to see Wales. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

How you do you guys usually decide or make your travel decisions?


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