Can you really live the life you imagine?

Can you really life the life you have imagined? Read that picture, and let it sink in and realllyyyy think about it. As cool as it is to reblog/tweet/facebook that, I mean think about it.

Yes you can follow your dreams academically, career-wise, and all that jazz, but when does society come into play? I know that movies kinda make it a glamourous to break the barriers and go off to live in a loft and eat peanut butter sandwiches as you sip your ice tea to be a moment of liberation. I’m not saying people don’t live the life they imagine, some do and I’m super happy for them. But is that the face for the typical, and I’ll say it ‘Caucasian-North Americans/European/Westernized/First World countries’?

I can imagine my life to be like whatever I want, as much as I want, but that would be my North American upbringing talking. I live in two cultures, what about that? What about the other part of my life, which expects me to make standard life choices that show that I have become a contributing member of society. Basic anthropology and I live in different worlds I guess.

At the age where I dream I will be living vivaciously somewhere cool in another part of the world, my family/society expects me to be married with children. The whole idea of going off for a fun-year is not realistic unless you add a man to the mix. Maybe it’s ’cause I’m a girl and my parents live in a different century? Who knows. If I do convince them that ‘yeah its totally do-able, even with a spouse’, let’s not forget most likely, this guy is gonna be traditional and settled into his career and probably can’t/wouldn’t want to live in Nice for a year as I paint and make grilled cheese sandwiches.

I’m sure that most are thinking, ‘what are you talking about Orange, this is totes doable! I know so many people who have done this! Just go for it! Who cares! YOLO! It’s your life!’ But as much yolo-ing as I want to do, I can’t help but point out that it is not just my life. Maybe this is a very backward thinking, but your life is never just your own. It’s also: your parents who bring you up to who are, the you that dreams these dreams; the siblings that you played with that help foster this imagination; the family which gave you support in all phases of life. To me, to embark on such an outrageous and fun adventure without their blessings is kinda of insulting and a set up failure.

As I try to strike a balance between my wants and their needs, I have yet to find that fine line that connects our worlds. My world of independence and their world of domesticity. Maybe it’s due to my lack of role-models; women balance both the typical Punjabi lifestyle and maintained their independent aura. It probably comes down to the choice of whatever makes you the most happy….and is best of everyone. lol. Which inherently flows from your family culture. It it is normal in your family to do x,y,z, no one is going to question you further, but if it’s not, then ‘rebel’ in the making. Maybe I am using this as an excuse, maybe I am not courageous enough to make the move ’cause I lack the ambition and drive? I guess at the end of the day, it’s what you make use of the gifts given to you. No point in blaming the hot tea, when you can have it cold. Not like anyone is forcing you to have it the way it is. Maybe this is the moral of the story that all these movies and stories try to drive home. To have the courage and just do it. Maybe I am just a child, whining about a toy. Growing up sucks.


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