Is it normal?

Is it normal for you to feel nothing 2 days before your exams?

My first exam sans statue booklet is on Tuesday morning and I was so pumped to start studying early today, but I am rather stumped now. I ended up sleeping in which I think totally killed my motivation. My to do list is waiting and watching me but all i can think is: I don’t care. I just want my exams to be over and done with. I can’t be bothered with restocking my groceries or doing the laundry. I don’t know why I ever felt that I had a passion for this, considering I am bored outta my mind. I know its silly considering this just the last stretch and the last leg of the trip is always the hardest, but I don’t know if the goal of freedom is enough. Maybe the feng shui in the room needs to be re-arranged. :/

Maybe I am just allergic to commitment in all its forms and manifestations.


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