Believing in your dreams

The other day, my aunt and I got into a conversation about the last arc of Sailor Moon. I’ve got my little cousins into watching Sailor Moon and as the series progresses, the themes get a bit more serious and I guess the romantic relationship between the 2 main characters could creep parents out, or my aunt is just super old fashion. Either way, the arc of Sailor Moon (that I know of in the anime/cartoon version) is the dreams one with Pegasus and Rini.

The final arc has to do with evil people looking for Pegasus who is hiding in *spoiler* Rini’s dreams. With some magical powers and whatnot. Although it can be kind of weird to watch the villains from the Dark Circus peer into the windows of people’s dreams, I tired to think of it as how people protect and foster their dreams.

We all dream. Dream of our desires, goals and what we are capable of accomplishing. But everyday these dreams come under attack from internal and external forces. Internal forces such as fear, lack of confidence or self-doubt in achieving these dreams. Fear of judgement, fear of failure, fears of self-doubt. Our internal dialogue can sometimes force us to leave our dreams in our minds rather than having them materialize. When you watch the episodes, the villains make a point to say that some of their dreams may be too minute to make a difference, whether it is gaining the respect of a colleague or becoming the best race car driver. However, no matter how small those dreams are, a sense of determination and perseverance is required to keep those dreams alive. External forces could be lack of support from your friends and family in aiming for your dreams. Some may argue that you don’t need others to achieve your goals, but I have found that when you have the support of your family, anything is achievable.

Although this important theme gets overshadowed with the relationship between Serena, Rini and Darien, it is still an important lesson to understand, especially for my young cousins. When your young, you do dream, and as you grow you encounter my situations and different types of people who may support your dreams and some who do not. This serves as a good positive base for promoting a sense of self-confidence that one should not compromise on their dreams. Each dream is unique to that person and to work towards them in a positive manner with the support of your friends and family is important. The show may be distracting in the romantic situations, the core theme of dreams is not lost. When someone stops dreams, I think, hope is lost. One shouldn’t lose hope, life becomes a bit too negative at that point. One should aspire to manifest wonderful dreams that fulfil them and create positivity around themselves.


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