Blogging Challenge

A little late to the party, but at least I’m here! lol As I was browsing through WordPress reader, I found a cool way to make my blog more fun rather than ranting and a great to make this my reflection-fun-refresh moment since I am feeling a bit more burned out than usual. lol I’m thinking of following the 365 Writing Prompts to get myself going. Granted I’m late to the party and clearly 10 days have already lapsed but oh wells 🙂  Doesn’t hurt to get started 🙂

To catch up:

January 1 ~ Stroke of Midnight

January 2 ~ Resolved

January 3 ~ Kick it

January 4 ~ Quote me

January 5 ~ Call Me Ishmael

January 6 ~ My favourite

January 7 ~ Helpless

January 8 ~ Teacher’s pet

January 9 ~ 1984

January 10 ~ 32 flavours


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