Home, soil, rain

January 18 ~ Free association

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . . home. . . soil. . . rain. Use those words in the title of your post.


I think of my home in India. Where there is full heat, dust flying, and the cows are chilling. I also think of my family. Home is basically wherever my immediate family members reside. We often moved when I was younger, so getting attached to one specific house, or neighbourhood wasn’t something I did. I changed schools pretty much every year and saying bye to friends was no big deal. I am still surprised I managed to maintain my childhood friends from the age of 9! Consistency came with high school and higher education given that I was in a specialized art program in high school and university doesn’t really make a difference where you live. Now, home is considered a country. lol. Whenever I travel outside of Canada, I am just easily reminded and thankful that no matter what, it honestly is the best place there can be. Having a nomadic spirit can do that you I guess.


I think of farming soil. The soil that allows for growth. For abundance. The fragrance of dark soil and the feel of it on your fingers is so refreshing and invigorating that it’s like you can feel the magic of nature just at its best.


Edgar Guerra

Rain means fresh. A new awaking. A new start. A cleansing of the soul. I love rain and rainy weather. Maybe that’s why I didn’t mind England so much, but it honestly didn’t rain as much as I expected. :/ Was kinda disappointed. lol But going on a long drive in nature when its raining is the best. Might not be the safest considering road conditions, but it has the most calming effect where it’s just you and the music and nature all coming together. It’s bliss.



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