Zoning out

Zoning out: when you mind just goes off on some random direction while you are suppose to be doing something important. Like studying. For that exam. That is in like 4 days. Now I procrastinate as much as any other normal student does, like writing essays the night before, to devising a speech in less than 20 minutes and cramming all 3 months of contract law into a week so I can pass my exam. Yup, just your normal average student.

Right now is not the time for me to zone out. I should zone out when I’m on vacation. Not when I need to study. Or when my friend is telling me something. Or all the time. Maybe I just don’t care anymore about how my friend is confused about the guy she likes. Clearly you like him, now can I have some peanut butter? I should be zoned in. Zoned in, a blissful state where I can cram all 1000pages of notes into my brain like a beast. Beast mode is awesome. Sadly, I cannot choose when this happens since my brain likes to derp on me. :/ It has currently decided to be off on vacation, somewhere warm and sandy. According to the internet, I need to feel more ‘present’. Yeah, my brain needs to get back from the vacation it went on. 😦

How does one feel present?

Meditation? I can’t mediate unless it’s after a full session of hot yoga, otherwise I just sit there and zone out even more.

Does that mean I should go outside and get some fresh air? It’s -15 outside, I could shovel the snow, which is something I enjoy sometimes but no, I’m more likely to get just frostbite.

Caffeine? Coffee did not help today.

Music? I stopped listening to the desi versions of Adele and went back to the music that gets me going and into the zone. Hip hop/Gangster rap music. A full 360 in music taste? Probably. I’m a contradiction like that. I really got into this genre whilst studying contract law back in first year and then it came back when I was studying criminal in my second year. I’m hoping it does wonders as I study corporate now.

Stimulate the body? It helps that a majority of my friends are not, in fact, law graduates like I am, rather, most are geared towards the medical profession. I know at least 2 neurosurgeons (one I’m pretty sure is done his training) and another 5 doing their rotations now and a vet. I don’t bothering googling anymore, a message gets sent to them instead. Suggestion has come forth that I should just get some sugar – a sugar rush would probably get me going but doing a quick cardio round would be helpful.

Silence. It probably helps to stop everything that your doing and just be. Just listen to that nothing-ness and find the core thoughts. Entertain those thoughts as far as they can go. Once your brain is done wandering, my mind will be free from all that mess. Kind of like a reboot for the mind.

How do you guys stop from zoning out. 🙂



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