I work out

So I went to India for a month to relax with the family and relax after the three exams I wrote. Who knew relaxing with the family and watching 5 desi serials (hello Star Plus and Colours!) meant that I would turn into a fatass or at least gain enough weight to be on the border of being considered over weight by the bmi index thing.

Now I’m not saying that I’m like 200pds but for someone who’s usually in the single digits dress size, going into double digits I notice! Cue all the haters for saying ‘I’m so skinny why am I even whining about all this.’ Well for one, my family likes to say I’m a cow when I am remotely chubby. I think maybe that’s why I might have a lot of self esteem, or I’m just so gone beyond self esteem that I don’t care anymore.

Needless to say, if I can’t fit into my jeans this means I gotta work out, cause I ain’t buying jeans. This is also why I have jeans that range between 3 dress sizes 🙂 I fluctuate a lot .-. I’m all for working out and fitness, not for the ‘omg I’m so amazing skinny’ but for fitness and general healthy lifestyle. So yesterday I motivated myself to work out and omg it burns! Okay not a lot but I can feel in the legs! So that’s good 🙂

I started with a 7 min cardio jog thing on the thread mill, it was nice that I found a YouTube video to distract myself as I did this. Distracting is a winner to get me motivated. This was followed by the Blogilates squat challenge, arms workout, abs workout, and squat challenge again. I love that I can work my unhealthy butt at home since let’s be real, I was failing and so out of breath the whole time that it was embarrassing. I did some arm stuff with the dumb bells since my brother won’t stop grabbing my arms and saying this is where all the fat went .-. Sibling love is real, so real with all the warm and fuzzies.

I’m hoping to continue this for the whole time I have to study, or until I get lazy and stop. I was going to join hot yoga, but I figured that yoga tones and I don’t wanna tone yet, I wanna slim down before I tone. Now that I have fitness added into my day, time to attack my diet. I’m not really one of those people that can calorie count or eat salads all day, cause yolo! But I do believe in portion sizes and eating the right stuff. Which probably means I should figure out how the juicer works for the 10th time. All those vitamins to get my energy and concentration going!
Next exam is in May and the three subjects that I’m studying are pretty intensive.

I was watching The Wolf on Wall Street the other day and from the whole movie I understood one it two things besides the fact that you should really not do drugs and commit fraud, is that there are 2 things to keep in mind. You gotta hustle and stay calm while you do it. Hard work really does pay off but getting crushed under pressure will do you no good, so gotta keep the mind at peace. I’m hoping the whole fitness stuff will keep the brain space clear and focused 🙂


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