Spring Renewal

Ever since I came back from my trip, one thing that was on my mind was to really get rid of all the old, unused and unnecessary stuff that is about my room. It is time for a cleansing, a renewal.

I can hardly wait for tomorrow, it means a new life for me each and every day. ~  Stanley Kunitz

Having a general reorganizing session always gets me in a good mood, yes, I’m the weird person that likes to reorganize my stuff because it makes me feel super positive and happy when I see that everything is in an orderly and clean order. It’s what I do when I get into a slump or get a brain fart, I clean up my room cause that’s usually what is distracting me. It’s like I can’t think properly, cannot let my imagination go and store all that knowledge if my physical surrounding is all disorderly. It is strange and probably makes no sense, but that’s how I am.

So a renewal is in order, considering for the next few months, all I’m doing is studying! For such a long studying run, need to keep that brain space happy and not in a slump! Here is how I’m tackling it all:

  • Clothing items: this has to be a bummer part of living in a ‘first world country’, the clothes don’t get worn out that fast. But nope! Do the ‘shop my closet’ method and if I don’t think I would buy it again, then dump it! If it doesn’t fit right, dump it! If the colour has faded, but I have kept it because it fits me awesomely, no! Dump it!
  • Old pieces of jewellery and shoes that are broken or worn out, out you go!
  • Same with makeup: as much as lip glosses are fun, I really don’t like to wear them because thats when everything gets stuck on my face -_- no thanks, good bye. You were wonderful, and I do feel guilty since they are not even half way used, but I can’t keep you in drawer to look at.
  • I’m now working towards cleaning up my iTunes library, considering I have all these songs but whenever I put on shuffle, I get all the random songs that I don’t listen to -_- CLEAN UP TIME!
  • My cubby with all the old electronics and stuff is soon going to be seeing its end along with my old handbags. hehe

I feel like with all this shedding of the old, I can look to the rest of the year with a fresh view. Last year, my motto was ‘if anyone gives me bullshit, just cut them out’, this year it seems to be ‘let go of the old.’

There is so much to the world, so much to life, I really need to stop keeping stuff. It’s part of my sentimental personality to keep stuff that is associated with memories, but stuff that is just sitting there and I’m not doing anything constructive with, it needs to go. I sometimes think that all these old things that have no function, like the 10 random boxes of software updates of a camera and phone that I no longer use isn’t gonna be helpful. I’m better off making a shadow box with my old phone and a picture to remember my first phone, a nokia [nokia phones are amazing!] by. I wonder if they turn into negative, decay-like energy where nothing new can be done. I like to have energy constantly flowing in my room. Now to look at panda gifs cause like, they are so cute! LOL


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