Manicure Mondays?

As I walk down the nail polish aisle, all I can do it stop myself from getting more colours. I am, after all, still in the spring cleaning mode. I have a box devoted to them and I love getting more colours but I am on a self-inflicted ban, so until I get rid of one, I cannot get another! I wonder if I should make a day or hashtag day out of it, if it will make me post more and get me to use my nail polishes more. Why not, this could work! Introducing…… MANICURE MONDAY or #manimonday? Whichever one seems to work the best 🙂 Will also need u guys to let me know which one is better 🙂

mani monday


This monday is inspired by the lack of spring in my part of the world where it seems that winter has never left. It constantly feels like Winter is Coming 😐 As much as I love Game of Thrones, I didn’t think Canada was a part of the wonderful GoT world. Does this mean Dragons exist? hmm lol Pardon the rough finish, I fail at painting my left hand I got lazy with recreating a floral design, or instead glitter. I hold a stapler because I can and it helps with keeping my textbook open as I type notes lol


In terms of product review: I love the Essie base coat and this blue colour, however I find that it tends to stain. I have a feeling that the golden glitter that I used on my right hand (right picture) will probably be one of the ones to go. It’s gooey and the applicator is horrible. As for the Revlon base coat, now I’m just looking for a reason to dump it. Maybe it’s because it’s become old so it smells chemically and seems to never dry for me to put on the colour polish. Not cool.

Nail Paints used: Essie ‘all in one base‘, Maybelline Express Finish in 632 ‘Summer Splash’, Natural Collection in 2 Nail Tip Whitener, Nail Paint by Barry M in 290 Spring Green, L.A. Girl Flare in NL55 Hyper, Art Club in NA18 Crystal Glitter, Tru Girlz in 15, China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat, Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to review them and review is based on my experience with the products.


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