Strolling through twitter and I was intrigued by this new hashtag: #wcw A little googling, and I found that it stood for Woman Crush Wednesday. Interesting and totally adorbs this!  I love it when we, as a community, digital or not, find ways to empower others, even if it is to proclaim our affections to people we creepily follow online. When I think of my woman crush, I think of cool, chic and stylish ladies that inspire me to put my best face forward, be that be mumsy or a random celebrity. Generally, its fashion inspired, but

Sonam Kapoor ~ I love her style, she goes from desi to couture in a matter of seconds! Her fashion is so inspirational! I’m sure I have mentioned her before, but can’t help it! 🙂

Mindy Kaling ~ this girl is hilarious! From Kelly on The Office to Mindy on the Mindy Project; she’s like the best friend/spirit animal that you feel connects with you lol

Leslie Knope ~ She may be a fictional but she is dope! And amazing and loves Waffles lol


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