Motivate with a treat

It’s that feeling again: half-way point of studying, exams not too far, have been so good with studying thus far yet now feel so unmotivated or have come to desist what my notes say and I no longer want to look at them. What to do? of course, motivate myself with a treat!

You know how you make a deal with yourself? ‘I’ll have that red velvet cupcake, but I promise to go to the gym tomorrow and do extra squats‘ or ‘I’ll watch the movie tonight but I’ll make up for it by reading extra tonight.‘ I find that sometimes I have to make such deals with myself to indirectly motivate myself. Lame? Maybe, but it works! It’s nice to know if I work hard enough, or stay focused that I can ‘reward’ myself with a treat, maybe with a shopping trip, or an expensive purchase. I find that I feel extra happy with myself if I ‘earned’ it, even if it’s just another 3 dollar nail polish. It’s the principle of the matter.

Now with my exams looming a mere 4 weeks away, I can’t bring myself to look at the books and focus. I would rather watch Shirokuma Cafe instead, ’cause its amazing.

To reboot myself, time to plan my ‘treat-yo-self’ with the items of interest I can look forward   to. Usually it’s a vacation, but I want to try something else this time. Rather than go on a vacation for the escape, I want to work on making myself feel content with where I am. Wanderlust must co-exist with my desire to find peace within.

  • I’m going to work out! At this point, all I do is sit at my desk. Sit on the sofa. Lay on my bed. That is it. I don’t have the time, or rather, the effort to put into being fit right now. My mind will subconsciously tell me ‘if you have time to do these squats, you have time to read another case and make briefing notes!’ It would be nice to get back to being fit and stop gaining all that weight. Ideally, I would like to get back to wearing jeans without having to do a jiggle dance and not have a gut, so at least I know where I want to focus on 🙂
  • Paint/Draw. This has been on my mind more and more, ever since I came back from my India trip. I did a little drawing in between my studying, and found that I need to practice more. With my paints, canvas and sketchbooks waiting, I cannot wait to set up my corner on the deck and get inspired and just go for it.
  • Swimming/yoga! I actually like to swim, but haven’t done it in ages. I think it’s my zodiac sign, I like the water. So maybe try to this time at least once. I really enjoy hot yoga, hopefully I start start practicing it more regularily post exams.
  • Read. I have quite a few books in my library waiting to be opened and I think this time, they may be opened. Going to give myself the goal of 5 books. Gotta start a little easy and go from there. hehe
  • Finish my odd projects. I doubt I’ll have time between the working out and drawing considering I get pretty intense about them, but it would be nice if I could finish up my odd projects that I start but don’t get around to finishing, like: my embroidery project, putting up new pictures (it has been almost a year since I left England, yet pictures are still not up on my walls boo!) and such.

Five goals seem do-able. Although they may be boring and simple, but what can I say. That is just how I roll.


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