Dealing with stress acne during exam time

It’s that time of the year again. Finals are upon us, and taking care of your skin is the last thing on your mind. As I slave away at my desk, I can’t help but also freak out about the mess that has become of my face. Dealing with jurisprudence is enough, don’t need stress acne to deal with as well. No thanks. Here are 5 tips that I’m using to deal with the evil acne on my skin, whilst saving time and energy. (I think I have a thing for lists in fives, hmm)

1) Face Masks! Now, you are going to say, but ‘I need a whole de-stress routine for when I put on face masks, complete with the cucumbers and celestial music.’ um, no. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, put on your face mask and continue studying. It won’t take time away from your books, and when you get up to wash it off 10-15 minutes later, you can call it your stretch break. A quick home-made mask you can use is honey! Honey is great for killing that bacteria and leaving your skin super soft afterwards. Even dudes should give it a go. A light layer all over your face or just on the spots that you want it on, should do the trick. You can add other ingredients in your honey mask, from olive oil to cinnamon to your green tea leaves. It is super versatile and very gentle for those with sensitive skin.

2) Sleep cycle. I noticed that the most of my breakouts all came in when I started to stay up all night and sleep into odd hours of the day. Now, if you are a nocturnal study person, it can’t be helped, but do try to set a routine so your skin is not working overtime to figure out what’s going on. Now, I’m back to day-time work and night-time sleep, and I noticed a world of a difference. As stressful as exam time is and the never-ending content seems like a lot, don’t forget to let your body rest. Your brain can’t work if its burned out.


3) Fresh Air. Granted studying outside would be amazing if it wasn’t for the windy blowing away your notes, or the noise or everything distracting, but, try to sit by a window that is a bit open to let the air circulate in your room. Sitting in a room with slate air is doing nothing for your skin or your mind, instead, it’s probably making you cranky. Let that fresh air in and refresh you. Your skin will appreciate it.



4) Water. That h2o has powers dude, and that is to help your body and skin feel amazing. Aim to wash your face twice a day to keep your skin clean.





5) If you wear make-up, try to go make-up free for a few days. As awesome as wearing 3 layers of concealer and highlighter to cover that horrible pimple, maybe just don’t and let your skin breathe. Clogging your pores is doing you no good. As scary as it might be to go make-up free when you are breaking out and feeling self-conscious, this might be the most liberating act. Going bare and accepting your skin for what it is, is another way to show you love your skin and you are comfortable in it. Not everyone is perfect, but walk with that confidence and you’ll be surprised. Also, I love it when people assume I look not as amazing and then BAM, now you want to be my friend….or is that just me?

Hope this feels and don’t worry, we can do this!


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