Dealing with body-stress during exam time

Dealing with your body-stress during exam time! 

I decided to do a follow-up to my How to deal with stress acne, with how to deal with body-stress. Body-stress is what happens when you sit at your desk all day and eventually turn into a bitter, stiff person. yup. Here are 5 tips to help you out. Good luck! 1) Scented candles. These are the best. Have one going in the background. It will feel like aromatherapy without the expensive spa feel. Have one going in your favourite relax or pump-up scent and feel the magic. I prefer floral scents, such as lavender, which is very to not too strong and quite relaxing. Currently, I am between apple blossoms, and roses. 2) Nuts and fruits. Keeping your body with good food with help with the concentration and body feel good. 3) Breaks every 3hrs if on computer. Staring at a screen for long periods of time is not good for your eyes at all! I have found that my eyes get so dry that there is no point in continuing on with my work. Save our eyes and take a break.

4) Don’t forgot to stretch neck, back and shoulders if sitting for long periods of time. Just doing simple stretches can keep you from getting super stiff after sitting for long periods of time. Ain’t nobody got time to get an hour massage when your back cracks and your neck is so stiff you can’t move. Save yourself the hassle, keep the massage for treat yourself day and probably do this during the 3hour interval breaks from the computer screen and go hug your mom.

5) Posture. Sitting up straight actually helps! Who knew right? lol I have found that I concentrate better and I don’t get up like an old-person from my chair after slouching for 8 hours. Save your back, and sit up straight. Imagine you are at a really fancy party and sitting properly keeps you from looking like a pleasant.

Hope this helps! Don’t forget your treat at the end of the day for studying so hard!


4 thoughts on “Dealing with body-stress during exam time

    1. I’m glad! Let me know which one works out the best for you 🙂

      Scented candles are the best! It’s like you can trick yourself into thinking you are relaxing, when really, you are not lol

      you welcome! xx


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