Take a break

Sometimes, it’s okay to stop and take a break.

Today has been quite an unsuccessful day at studying. To my success, I can add formulating an outline to answer questions, making a chart out of case law for a subject and reading about 30 odd pages or so for today. That is quite minimal in my usual daily quote of reading wayy more than that and getting more study-stuff in. But, sometimes, it’s okay. There is no point in forcing myself to sit at my deal and make myself stare at the various ways a tribunal can be impartial when nothing is going into my head. Credit can be given to the weather, which is gloomy-raining-foggy, or that I have been working hard for the past 2-3 days that my mind wants a rest day. Which ever it is, the feeling is not most welcomed.

Our generation is told to work hard and focus. I wonder if the expectation is built up so much and our habits have become to abound, that when we relax, or take a moments break to slow down, we have an internal freak out about not working hard enough or trying hard enough. Is that even possible? Without even realizing it, we have become accustomed to being on the edge and pushing ourselves to see how far we can challenge ourselves, that we forget that we are human after all. Will it take an anxiety attack to slow down? That chest pain isn’t going to go away on its own and telling yourself to relax isn’t that helpful. But if we have days where our mind has decided to go on a vacation, is that so bad? Especially when our exams are by the corner and waiting to pounce. Is that a crime? Does that make us prideful of our ability to retain information and base this assumption on our past accomplishments?

I often find that as reassuring as it is to look back and say, ‘yeah, I have done so much and if I can do all that, I can do this‘ to be great at giving yourself a boost. But every subject is different and I can’t help but approach each subject as if I am fresh into the whole system. Keeping yourself grounded helps in not backing down and giving your hundred and ten percent, but when that panic attack comes or you find yourself questioning whether you are slowing down, it is nice to know that, yeah, if you can pass that other horrible exam, you can do this too. So yes, you can have that cake and eat it to. With tea of course.



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