Travel Thursdays


Travel is my primary hobby. With a bit too much wanderlust to handle, I really forward to any trip that comes my way. The spark began in high school. No, not the usual trip to Montreal or Quebec City that most Canadian students took, but to Costa Rica in grade 12. Strange? Maybe. Was it amazing? Absolutely! It was the first time I travelled anywhere abroad without my parents and it was a week long trip with my classmates exploring the country of pura vida!

The next time I took a major travel step was England. This probably doesn’t count since I went to England to study, but from there I did my first solo trip to Edinburgh and then Europe. Edinburgh was more of a life-changing experience since it was the first time I travelled solo. No school group, no friends to tag along or family member to share the memories. It was me, myself, and my phone with Whatsapp and Skype running on an ancient smartphone with no FaceTime. Ah good times! Europe, well what can be said that hasn’t already been said? Mixed feelings lol

Aside from those trips, most trips have been mainly family trips, which I don’t mind. After all, if I can share my DNA with them, why not a trip to somewhere amazing?

To get started, why not start with my wonderful hometown of Toronto!

Canadian National Exhibition Place

Did you know that the lady on top is actually Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory. It’s funny how urban and ‘modern’ cities have elements of the old world. Maybe it’s to show that there is a lot of history and grandeur here, rather than nature, British Colonization and maple syrup.



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