Take the heat


The history, the culture, the HEAT!


Mexico was amazing. Visiting Chichen Itza was the main highlight. To see such a structure constructed by the Mayan civilization really gives a nod to the ability of sheer human strength. What could be noticed right away was the heat! This is the kind of heat that makes you start to sweat mere minutes in the sun, lest you find shade and a tall glass of lemonade waiting for you. The main temple that is one of the seven wonders of the world, is now closed off for restoration. The surrounding grounds can only leave to the imagination how many people would flock here to the temple during the games and ceremonial proceedings. Some of the other interesting highlights were:

Road side barbeque anyone? We have chicken, onions and alligator. That’s Mexico for you. We saw this on our way to Chichen Itza and stopped to grab some coconut water. 

Mexican villages are interesting. Dirt/cement homes, domestic livestock and hardly anyone will be seen. But it’s clean, thats for sure. Even that stray dog.

This was at a tequila farm we visited. Yes. It was pretty cool to see the process of how tequila is actually made from the plant to the distillation process. It was kinda fun to check out the different favours they had. This was also where we met up with our lost comrades. This farm was family owned and was pretty cool to walk about.

The shade helped with that tropical heat, so much heat! When compared to Canada, you tend to absorb as much as you can before heating back.

Have you ever been to Mexico? How was it?


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