What are you filling it with?

I found this picture whilst creeping my Facebook friends, I’m not a creeper, I promise, okay maybe I am, anyways, and it made me wonder. I wonder if this picture personifies what the twenty-something life is. What all of us are endlessly searching for, for that passion, that drive, something to fill that gapping hole in our metaphorical chest to propel us to an amazing life?

Unlike some of my peers, I did not know from day 1 what I wanted to pursue, I knew I wanted to just be chilling and happy in a quaint little place to call my own and enjoy the ride. Apart from uni plans, nothing much came to mind. Now, with my education almost done, out on the job market and doing everything my melon heart tells me to do. What does your melon heart tell you to do?




 I thought about filling it with religion, but sadly, I lack the discipline to follow through. I’m old-school in my approach and decided to settle with spirituality since I feel that has more of a positive effect anyways.

Filling it with stuff gets consuming. From all the tv shows and movies I watch, I love them dearly, but eventually boredom will dawn.

As for filling it with other folks, well, that might need a whole new post on its own. 😉 However, in terms of filling it with people, I don’t like the idea of putting all my eggs in one basket for what should be my happiness. I’d rather go Voldemort style and place my happiness in a variety of things. People change and to expect them to be the sole source of your happiness is unfair and burdensome in my opinion.

So currently, like the last image shows, I have left it basically empty so I can hear the whistling noise of my own beat and drum.

What’s in your gapping hole? I’m interested to know 🙂


3 thoughts on “What are you filling it with?

  1. […] Why is it so easy to point to something and expect it to give us fulfilment? Why is it so easy to say getting that product will make me happy, or getting a pet will fill that void, or taking that trip will make it all go away and happiness will be mine? This is a bit like trying to fill that gap in your chest. […]


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