Here I sit and stare.

What to do now, to look up friends with exciting lives? Those that have purpose now. To stroll through the endless content of buzz feed and twitter which has no end? Or to glamorize life through filters and lighting tricks? What to do now except stare.

Do I find a new hobby to content myself with for the next 48 hours till my boredom is found and the tedious nature of the activity dawns upon me. Or a new show to watch till the dawn of morrow.

Seeking and hoping to step into the next stage is so difficult and stagnant right now. It feels that the water has become still, it has stopped. It no longer moves, it no longer flows to the next bend, the next curve, the next turn.

Is this a lack of preparation. Is this lack of motivation or my past thoughts of enjoying the moment. Enjoy the moment so much that it traps you into a gridlock. A gridlock of what to do.


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