Incompetences and other justifications


IMG_3054Sometimes a time comes when it feels that no matter how hard you work to make sure everything sets out to be complete and proper, alas, the universe seems to conspire against you to screw you over in so many ways.

As I try so hard to complete basic work, it seems something or another is out to get me. Either I seem to be not listening, reading basic English, or just using the forsaken Microsoft word; all is not the best. These seem to highlight my incompetences and it can be very easy to get drawn into the downward spiral of negativity. When you know you live for formatting and are super crazy about, it sucks when for some reason it just isn’t working right. Sure, I might be wondering if I should check to see if Wendy’s is hiring, but that might be too extreme.

Just have to be positive and get to fixing it, hoping that it won’t get the better of you. Take that break and get to fixing it. So what if the computer is out to get you and mess up everything you remember fixing and adjusting? Brush it off and eat ice cream. So what if the supervisor decides to embarrass you on purpose to teach you a lesson? You wait until the moment you can show him that stuff like that doesn’t get the better of you and at least you are making the effort. Just write that letter to Microsoft that, hey, make your software more accessible on Apple computers! Darn you easy user ability Apple, otherwise the world would just be PCs.


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