3 ways to get back in the study zone

IMG_3482.PNGNow that summer is over and I’m hitting the books again, I’m finding that I’m in a summer funk and I just can’t focus. Here are a few tips that I’m using to get in the zone and hopefully they help you too!

Change your study space – your study space may now be filled with too much fun and relaxing atmosphere, making it hard to focus and create a studious space. Try going to the library for a few days to change up the feel.

Set a routine – summer is horrible to those of us that sleep in late and stay up late. Set yourself a new routine to get up in the morning and sleep at a proper time.

Exercise – I always like to start big in the beginning with doing everything and eventually I turn into a hermit. This is something I add to the mix before I start living in my cave for the next few months. Start an exercise: whether it be swimming, dancing or yoga, get those endorphins running!

Good Luck and let me know what works best for you?


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