Learning to travel without wifi

mob addicti

I may be addicted to my data/internet on my phone. Is it a first world problem? Yes, definitely. I don’t feel the need to use my phone as much when I’m in India for example, but in ‘first world countries’ such as the USA and Europe? Yes, please and thank you.

Connecting to my online life is so crucial that one doesn’t realize how dependent they really are. Try walking around New York without wifi. You soon realize that: oh you need to check google maps for what’s around you, never mind the fact that you have a list of cafés and bistros you wanted to check out, or you need to tweet an observation or Instagram your lunch (true story bro), or just whatsapp your mom about a cool dress.

While it’s great that main public areas offer wifi to travellers, and I can sideline the possible privacy and data research invasions while I refresh Instagram and check Facebook; it makes me wonder: while it’s great that this online connection makes me feel less homesick and FOMO is out the window, is this a healthy way to travel in terms of exploring what’s around you?

I really noticed this when we were taking the bus into the city. Now this bus offered free wifi to it’s clients but it wasn’t working right. I was instead forced to put my phone away and look out the window and watch the Manhattan skyline form. What a novel idea: put your phone down.

Sometimes in our excitement, we forget that we need to experience with our physical biological senses, not only with our technological senses.


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