Trends of sorts

Celebrity trends are always amusing and I’m noticing a new one that appears to be spreading everywhere: the lifestyle blog.

This is not a new concept by any means, I mean, just look at wordpress, blogspot and the general blogosphere in general. We have been blogging in the lifestyle section as far as the blogging scene came about. One might even suggest that mommy-bloggers are our prehistoric predecessors.

From Gwen’s Goop, to Meghan’s Tig, Lauren’s closet and Blake Lively’s Preserve; everyone is creating hoopzah over to these glamorous lifestyle blogs. It’s like reading a diary with really fancy fonts and hd pictures of celebs doing what looks like normal life, with a dash of photoshop. Compared to using my iphone in bad lighting and 6 filters to make it look cool, basic font and possible bad grammar, I can see the appeal.

I say, good for you and it may be a website for you to create an additional stream of digital presence and popularity, but that should not discourage us young-ins from doing what we do. We blog. We write. From travel, to emotions and tips and tricks; It’s a life style.


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