Good night world!

Time to go to bed! Does this only happen to me? Share with me your bedtime struggles 🙂

8pm – oh I’m gonna get ready for bed! Time to wash ma face!

8:15 – let’s light a candle so my room smells nice

8:30 – find pjs, “mommmm where did I put them?”

9 – put on my face cream, gotta mostiturze those pores

9:45 – all snuggled into bed, oh yeah, sleep time!

10:00 – can’t sleep

10:05 – let’s check Instagram

10:15 – it won’t hurt to go on Facebook and twitter

11 – how long have I been awake?! I need to sleep, gotta be up in the morning to studyyyy

11:07 – hmm I didn’t check buzz feed, how else will I know my news?

11:30 – okay this isn’t helping, maybe I should watch some YouTube videos

1:25 – omg the time! I should sleep, time to blow out the candle, hmm maybe I should just leave it on

1:27 – maybe spotify will help, and def should blow out the candle, happy birthdayyy to meeee

2:03 – OMG okay now I really need to sleep!

2:05 – eyes closed


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