The Sweet Life

I think when I retire, I just want to garden all day and make a pretty swag garden. And yell at children that come onto my yard. I’ll be old, so no one can chastise me for telling off kids to get off my daisies. Think Robin Hood’s Bay, in North Yorkshire, England but in Canada. It could happen.

Tending to plants, caring for flowers and making the coolest garden ever would be my goal. This is by no means a calling I thought I had from the beginning, nay, it’s something I grew into. I remember the first time I tried to garden, I killed most of the plants. Their green leaves turning into deformed brown lifeless twigs no matter how often I would water them or how careful I would be of weeds and bugs. Now, I might know the trick: don’t stress about them too much. Plants and flowers are pretty easy maintenance if you want them to be. A regular schedule if the key and it’s quite rewarding to look at.

Besides gardening, I would probably bake some cake and have tea. Maybe knit? But that might be pushing it lol But blogging for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ Yup, sit in the garden of wonderful flowers and have my cake and tea.

Is there anything more to life than that?





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