Body numbers

Ever have that moment when you feel like you are having that skinny day, convinced that today for some reason your face looks skimmer and those fries you had last night are nowhere to be seen?

When you feel that the icing on the cake would be to check your weight beecause you are convinced that yeah, I lost a few pounds thanks to all that sleeping! Sadly, that is not the case, cause the scale shows you haven’t changed a bit.

What do you believe more? The scale or the feeling of like you lost 10 pound at least?

I say go with your happy feelings. Your body responds to how you feel. It responds to when you are happy, when you are sad and when you are feeling motivated. Don’t let the numbers get you down, when really all that matters is that you are healthy. The BMI index might have something else to say about that, but be happy. Your body will respond much faster when you are in your happy positive mind space.

With all the ‘fat-shamming’ and ‘skinny-shamming’ thats going on, it’s hard to feel like yes, it’s okay to love your body the way it is. Before, it was all about the size zero life, so of course diets and celebrities conformed to such a vision. Now, with songs like ‘All about that Bass’ and that Nicki Minja song where she calls out skinny girls – either way, ladies get caught in between.

Do we follow pop culture which often dictates everything from body size to body image or listen to our inner voice to accept that it’s okay if we are skinny or chubby? Do we strive for that ‘thigh gap’ or a healthy BMI? At the end of the day, it’s your body, your rules.


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