Celebrate yourself

When was the last time you thought: ‘Today, is my day! Today, I am everything and anything. Today, I am amazing. Today, I will celebrate myself!

It is so easy to get caught up on the stress of life that its easy to forget that you are an admirable person; a being of qualities. It may feel like you have done nothing and so far, it doesn’t count towards anything. Stop. You have done loads, and it’s not including the time you ate all that pizza by yourself. My BFF has this habit of reminding me that I’m awesome, and I’m going to be that BFF to you now, and say, you are awesome my friend, so go celebrate yourself!

So what if it’s not your birthday, or some national holiday! Think of it this way: You have survived to the age that you are now. You have formal education. You might even have post secondary education and a professional degree to boot. You have written really hard exams and passed! You have amazing people in your life. You climbed that hiking trail that looked like something out of Modor, well, Frodo, you did it. You passed that exam that you cried about the night before. You volunteered. At one point, you use to be able to stay up all night, and now you may want to be in bed by 9pm and thats okay. You have now mastered some really cool skill that I can’t think of right now that is gender neutral, but lets call it blob. You mastered blob!

So don’t let your bad day get you down. Don’t let what your friend said to you rub the wrong way. Don’t let what your evil co-worker ruin your evening, cause the sunset is pretty amazing. Don’t let the textbooks get the better of you, because step by step, you will master the technical nature of photothinsysis and I, the procedural nature of legal systems. Don’t let that break up, break you down, cause you have conquered way more that.

My dear, universe friends, believe and celebrate yourself. Some days, you may wonder what have I done with my life when you look at Facebook with your peers sharing their exciting lives. Well, you have done loads. Which is something to celebrate about!

Cheers to that!


3 thoughts on “Celebrate yourself

  1. Reblogged this on Pushing Play IRL and commented:
    This was by far one of the most inspiring things I have read. The best thing about the internet is that you find people who can relate to you and put your thoughts into coherent words.

    Please read this, and understand that even downing a pint of Ben & Jerry’s while marathoning everything on Netflix is an accomplishment. Every bit of information you take in is an accomplishment regardless of the source.


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