The morning brew

IMG_4368.JPGHow do you start your mornings? Do you like you tea with milk and 1 sugar, or Coffee with cream and 3 sugars and a shot of vanilla? The week is gone and it’s Monday, but we have each other so let’s get the morning brew going, shall we?

This past week I have basically been at my aunts helping with my baby cousin, who I have dubbed as the cheeky monkey. With more photos of him on my phone than my food, it’s safeΒ to say that I might be a tad obsessed with him. It’s so interesting, we have a 25 year difference between each other and it’s going to be amusing to watch him grow up. Hopefully we can be buddies for life.

The Mindy Project is getting better and I’m so glad that it has not become a bore show after two sessions. It maintains its sass and hilarity that is Mindy Lahiri. Also, Brooklyn 99 is back! I love the opening and I can tell they are getting the plot set up for this season and Jake is hilarious as usual.

I finally watched the new Sailor Moon that has been revamped by drawing the storyline and art work closer to the comic. Although I am partial to the original, it’s so fun seeing a childhood favourite back. Even if the outfits are a lil different and noticing how realistically a 14-year old’s legs are not that long and a skirt that is that short yet manages to cover up the assets. If anything, Darien got hotter so at least I have that.

He does not look like a highschooler -_-

I finally watched a movie, in what seems like forever so yay me. It was Khoobsurat (Bollywood), it wasn’t bad, the storyline is actually decent, but the editing could be better and at one point I was convinced this was just a movie about the actresses’ facial expressions rather than being okay with the fact that you are a strange werido and who knows, maybe a prince will marry you. With better angles and no songs, the movie might have been better.

How was your week? πŸ™‚

I wonder if I should start this post as a weekly item, where we sit down and chat about our week over a cup of tea, coffee, or whatever it is you’re having. Thoughts?


4 thoughts on “The morning brew

  1. This sounds like a fantastic thing to do every week. Your week sounds great! My week has been.. I’m tempted to say bad coz that’s how I’m feeling right now (sorry for the negativity) but it was actually pretty good. I went exploring with my friends, relaxed, and watched Scary Movie 5 which was hilarious haha. I really love your blog!!!

    The Life of Little Me

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    1. yay! Thanks, it was eventful. aww, don’t let the sadz make you sadz. Just like with thunder buddies you say ‘F U thunder’, say ‘F U sadz things!’ your week sounds fun! Oh gosh! Thanks M! Glad you like my little world here! πŸ˜€


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