Swipe on that lipstick

A few days ago I went to meet my friend at the coffee shop, when she exclaimed and said, ‘I had a feeling you would be wearing makeup, I’m just in my bare face.’ I simply shrugged and told her I was using it up so I can get more hehe I’m like, obsessed with buying makeup and I’m on a ban right now. But I see you makeup aisle in Target, I see you. *_*

Now, I didn’t have layers of makeup on by any means, it was a simple eye linear and lip tint. Almost a ‘natural’ makeup by youtube make up gurus standard, but it’s the thought.

The though of how much effort we put into ourselves when we go out. I’m not a makeup snob by any means and I have no problem going out without a slick of makeup on my face. Stare away at my pores and pimples, I really don’t care, I’m quite comfortable in my skin. But there are days when you feel like there is an extra kick in your step cause you took the effort to put on concealer and that bright lipstick from Sephora.

By judging me on that alone will be your loss, cause I am more than my properly applied bronzer (which I recently started using and it’s like, where have you been all my life??). There are small things we do in our day that makes us feel fierce. Whether it’s me swiping on my new lipstick, or you wearing that cool bracelet or doing a smokey eye as you watched that makeup tutorial. It’s the thought that, today, I will conquer. Today, I will rule.


3 thoughts on “Swipe on that lipstick

  1. I’ve started going out of the house without make up. But it’s hard 🙂 I always hope I won’t run into anyone I know then. I think it’s more of having your “game face” on. Kind of like projecting your best self. But I wouldn’t judge someone for liking or wearing makeup because it’s a personal choice. Like wearing contact lenses instead of glasses or something.

    I do know people who like to point out the fact that I’m wearing makeup. I used to be a bit annoyed, but I guess maybe they feel like they would like to do that too but it’s something that takes time that they’re not willing to invest?

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