The Blame Game

Ever been in a situation where you know both parties and due to some information said and told, there is sourness in the relationship, and rather than realizing that they, the couple, are at fault for the crack that has appeared, they both blame the third party that brought them together?

Third parties or the middle man is often a love-hate relationship. You thank them in good times because your joy originates from their suggestion, yet at the spark of some discontent, it appears they are the bearer of all evil. Why are we so quick to push the blame onto others? Why is it that we run from our faults and push the blame? The blame game is so dangerous in that aspect. We want it all, but not to bear any responsibility. We want the cake, and eat it too.

Why is it that it’s so easy to believe the world of movies and pop culture of how relationships work? Is there something in our brain that makes us dump out everything we observe around us? The first relationship to look to, our parents, to the extended family, seems to disappear when we seen Mr. Darcy proclaim his love for Elizabeth. This isn’t a Jane Austen world my friend. This is real life. Where relationships have ups and downs. Where sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to get to the good stuff.

Is it just ego that is so widespread in our generation that we know it all? When push comes to shove however, we want to raise our hands and point to someone else? Is it this know-it-all ideology that is the silent killer of inter-personal relationships? When you think you can handle it, when really, you can’t, and you should instead ask for help. Even if you do, maybe take the advise given? It is not even young blood that is afoul of this element, it seems to run across all age groups and sexes.


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