Thanks for Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving! or at least in Canada it is! Hope my fellow Canadians are having loads of thanksgiving fun with all the doodads that happen during thanksgiving. Can someone invite me to a Thanksgiving dinner/party so I know exactly what goes down? I’m South Asian, so instead of Thanksgiving, I’m waiting for Diwali to roll around.

As far as Thanksgiving is concerned, this just means all the fun things about fall are being celebrated. So hai there chai tea lattes and pumpkin pie, how you doing!

For a time of being thankful, I think its important to not just be thankful on one day, but every day. The 100 days of happy aside, this is more of a: everyday I’m grateful (#365daysofgrateful is that too long?). You will find that although you may have a horrible day, even listing three things will make you feel loads better. So let’s get this thankful business going!

  1. Family and friends. It’s so easy to forget that without your support system, life would be missing that je ne sais quoi. Always loving, forever holding your hand and supporting your decision to find a pony shirt because it make you happy in the muscular organ that pumps blood.
  2. Shelter and health. So easily overlooked, but having a roof on your head and food on the table are something to be grateful for.
  3. Gift of education and travel. I’m so grateful for my parents support in pursuing my education and travel wanderlust.
  4. Internet. This might be a ‘first world problem’ type grateful tag, but hey! without the internet there would be no blog, no social media and how would I watch basically 30 episodes of Dragon Ball GT at the touch of a button? You wouldn’t be able to. It’s amazing that something that works as magical as the internet is able to connect you with so many things.
  5. The chance to live the life that we do. I think this is the most important one of all. I don’t think most people realize how lucky they are to live the life that they do. This very much reminds me of the He for She speech that Emma Watson did, it is simple to forget that they way you grew up, the way that you think, it’s a privilege that has been given to you by your parents and nurtured by your mentors. Not everyone gets the chance to live the life, with the options that you do.

So before you start whining and complaining away about how uncool life is or not fair something is, remember, you are one of the lucky ones to live the life that you choose to live. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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