The Brew

Good Morning or Afternoon dudes and dudettes! It seems that I spent most of this week attempting to get back to not sleeping at 6am. You can thank Nuit Blanche for that! Between struggling to study and write some posts, my week went by.

Spotify continued to introduce new music, and I found that I really do love Zella Day! Her two songs, East of Eden and Sweet Ophelia are easily my favourites. I have always been drawn to this type of brooding yet bittersweet music and its nice to finally listen to something that is not Ariana Grande or some other tweeny-bopper. I also finally listened to Florence and the Machines. It’s sad. I know. But I’m slowly getting around to listening to music. Clearly the ‘dark and stormy’ playlist is a favourite of mine now. I love how apps like spotify or Stereomood have pre made playlists to listen to so you can find new music without having to hop around Youtube.

I started watching Dragon Ball GT because a) I’m so bored b) I don’t want to study and am procrastinating to the best of my abilities and c) I didn’t watch GT the first time around. I am hardcore Dragon Ball Z fan. From the way Gohan turns Super Saiyan to the cool adventures to Namek. Now I’m marvelling in the cool adventure of when the main kids are all adults and it’s just fun watching Vegeta be all domestic lol Am I a tween? Maybe LOLLLL


How was your week?


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